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About Off Road Worx

At Off Road Worx you can be assured of expert advice from knowledgeable service providers who are not only experienced in the world off the beaten track and how to traverse it, but have learned through that experience what you will need to make your adventures possible, and what you can add that will make your trip more comfortable and memorable.

Off Road Worx assesses your vehicle’s capabilities, offers a variety of products to suit and fits it on your vehicle with service guaranteed. Discuss your next trek with Off Road Worx and let us help you prepare for the experience of a lifetime.






Vehicle Smash & Grab

Reduce Forced Entry


Smash-and-grab theft can cost you thousands to hundreds of thousands in damage to your vehicle, it’s furnishings and stolen property.

Safety film deters forced entry by making windows harder to penetrate by holding the shards of glass in place, slowing the intruder’s access into the vehicle thus providing affordable protection for a variety of applications while also protecting you against injury due to flying glass in the case of an accident.

The film is available in various shades and thicknesses, providing you with just the right look, and protection, to suit your needs.

We use Tuff Tint™ in all our safety film applications.


Small vehicles ± 2 hours

Large vehicles ± 4 hours


Lifelong no perish warranty

5 years no fading on tint

Available thickness:       100 microns

150 microns 

Available tints


50% allows 50% off the sunlight to enter vehicle with 50% UV protection

35% allows 35% off the sunlight to enter vehicle with 65% UV protection

20% allows 20% off the sunlight to enter vehicle with 80% UV protection

Special order

300 microns

4mm thick

100% clear

Lifetime Warranty

Available on special order only





Home/Office Smash & Grab

Reduce Forced Entry



50 microns

Flat glass 

Single ply or double ply


5-year warranty

Applied on inside of window

Apply preferably on windows with aluminium frames for lifetime guarantee

Windows with putty finishing not recommended as dust can get caught between the film and the window which will affect the life guarantee of the product.

Available colours

Silver reflective

Bronze reflective 15%

Golden reflective 5-, 20-, 35- and 50%

White out

Sand blast (matt)

Black reflective

Black out

Tiger eye





± 3-5 hours


5-year warranty

Products available


Pollyzilla offers three different coating options


This lining has been tried and tested over 30 years and is extremely durable and versatile. This lining offers superior flexibility resulting in less slippage, resulting in less damage to the cargo or the load area of the vehicle. This lining is spray-applied and bonds to virtually any surface including steel, wood, fiberglass and aluminium.


This lining provides industrial-grade protection for your assets. It provides maximum impact resistance and tear strength and is ideally suited for trade vehicles which require the ability to easily slide light cargo in and out of a load area.


Rhino Linings acts as an extra skin for your vehicle, providing added protection against wear-and-tear which increases the life of your load bed and the resale value of your vehicle. Spray-applied in a seamless finish, the lining forms an air- and watertight bond to virtually any surface. Rhinolinings formula has been perfected over 20 years offering you the best protection available.

You will be able to load your vehicle within 12 minutes after the product is applied.

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